Lonsdale Exercise Bike Review – UK

Lonsdale Exercise Bike is a great exercise bike that offers a lot of features and functionalities. It is a great option for beginners and intermediate athletes. The built quality of Lonsdale Exercise Bike is typically above average. 

This machine is ideal for those who are looking for a moderate to mild workout for their lower body. 


  • Manual resistance levels 
  • Dual digital display 
  • Computer monitoring system 
  • Padded saddle 
  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable pedal straps 
  • The free tension control system 
  • Ample rubber protectors for hardwood floors


The Lonsdale exercise bike does not come pre-assembled. Self assembly is required. But you don’t have to worry about any difficulties during the assembly process. 

Since the entire bike weighs just 11 kilograms therefore you’re not going to face any issue while assembling the bike. 

The assembly guide with the bike provides all the necessary instruction and guidance to make your bike ready for use in just 20 to 30 minutes.

Built quality and design 

The first and the foremost thing that a person looks for is the design and the built quality of an exercise bike. Design of the bike depends on the personal preference of each individual. 

While selecting an exercise bike, it’s very crucial to check the build quality of the bike. Durability and weight capacity supported by a bike depends on the built quality. When it comes to Lonsdale, it supports up to 100 kg user weight. 

One of the main factor that comes to mind while picking an exercise machine for home is the  

Adjustments Available

Adjustment in an exercise bike is very important as it makes a bike suitable for people with different heights. 

Moreover, adjustable exercise is much more comfortable than the bike with any kind of adjustments. 

When it comes to adjustments there are mainly two main adjustments available in exercise bikes namely: Seat and Straps. 

Seat: The seat of a bike can be adjusted up and down. By adjusting the seat height you can make your exercise more comfortable. While riding an exercise, you need to be comfortable enough to ride without any knee pain. 

For adjusting the seat height there is a knob located below the seat. Using that you can easily adjust the seat height without any hassle. There are a total of four adjustments available. 

Straps: The foot pedals of the bike come with foot straps attached to them for safety. Straps help to keep your feet safe and secure in place. 


Having different resistance levels in an exercise bike is very crucial. It allows the user to adjust the intensity of the workout depending on personal requirements. 

In this bike there are 8 levels of resistance that can be adjusted using the knob located below the handlebars. 

It features a 11 kg flywheel attached with a rubber friction belt. It generates constant resistance for your workout. The flywheel of this bike might not satisfy the most avid outdoor cyclists. It is suitable for those people who are looking for an exercise bike for weight loss, general cardiovascular fitness, and endurance training. 

Computer Monitoring

It comes with a computer monitor located between the handlebars. It features a basic monitor that offers you ample of required fitness metrics. The metrics displayed on the LCD includes time, distance, calories, and heart rate. 

In order to monitor the heart rate, hand pulse sensors are located on each of the handlebars. 


  • Durable built quality 
  • Adjustable seat
  • Padded saddle 
  • 100 kg weight capacity
  • Easy to read LCD display 
  • Compact and lightweight design 
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Basic monitor 
  • Only suitable for beginners

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